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Testimonials from Body Magic Pilates Clients

"Eighteen months ago I was looking for an addition to my exercise routine that would enhance my ability to walk the hills of Ngaio. My daughters in their wisdom gave me a start with the gift of three lessons.  I now attend Body Magic sessions regularly.

For me Body Magic is aptly named, because the transformation over the past 18 months of this 64 year old semi-fit body has been truly magical. The experience has been fun. The challenges have been achievable without stress. I have measurably increased my flexibility, balance and surprisingly achieved additional strength along the way. The real bonuses are the disappearance of the nagging back pain and a new feeling of wellbeing.

The combination of enthusiastic and highly skilled instructors and the Pilates exercise routines is the real magic that delivers measurable goals. The friendly and professional ambience and variety of different exercises ensures the challenge remains fresh. Body Magic Pilates is an important part of my exercise routine and has made walking over the Ngaio hills so much more enjoyable."
Brian, Wellington. 

"Thank you so much for the fab classes. I've really enjoyed them and they've helped me get through my pregnancy with very few aches and niggles. (I've saved on Osteopath costs I'm sure!). I get energy from each class and most surprisingly (for me at least), I'm more toned now in certain areas than I was pre-pregnancy."
Sarah, Wellington.